The BDG Coaching Experience

The BDG Coaching Experience empowers today’s business leaders and top executives with effective and intentional leadership training that adds value, inspiration, teamwork and breakthrough for personal, professional and team growth.

By working together utilizing proven leadership methods we will move you and or your team or organization in a planned and organized direction to reach your desired goals and potential.

Why Choose Us

As a premier leadership coaching company it is our purpose to BUILD upon your leadership skills through world class and proven leadership training. It is our goal to come along aside of you to support you helping you to achieve and expand your ability to DREAM bigger and live a life of success, hope and fulfillment.

We are committed to bringing inspiration and an intentional plan for you to GROW in achieving your maximum leadership potential.


Our BDG training center aspires to be a global training center for leadership growth, inspiration and building effective teams within your organization. We are providing strategic daily, weekly and monthly intentional leadership coaching, workshops and training experiences.

Our team consists of certified speakers, coaches and trainers with the world renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell and the John Maxwell Team. BDG is dedicated to providing the world’s best resources and training that really works in helping you and your organization to grow, learn and be inspired in your personal and professional goals.

Organizations who invest in leadership training not only outshine other competitive companies, they develop leaders who can effectively lead themselves as well as their team, peers, families, and the community they live in.


The Benefits of Leadership Development & Team Building for your organization Include:

  • Increased customer care
  • Employee growth on personal & professional level
  • Experience breakthroughs in your personal and professional life
  • Increase the moral of employees
  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Increase of productivity and interpersonal relations
  • Increase profitability

“Leadership is the difference maker and the deal breaker. It’s how we grow organizations. It’s how we impact lives. But, as you also know, leadership cannot be an idea we simply talk about; leadership is the action we must live out.”

John C. Maxwell

Our World Class Trainers

  • Johnny Morales
    Co-Founder of The Build Dream Grow Coaching Experience
  • Bridgit Fly
    Regional Manager with the Boston Dental Group
  • Angela Lee
    Director of Business Operation and Development for Boston Dental Group